Thursday, June 03, 2004

CONSTITUENTS: 3 Groups Marching, Running All Over Town

The cicadas are pretty much done with and the veterans have come and gone. But a warning to everyone this weekend, more is on the way. This weekend, different groups representing unrelated causes will take to the streets of the capital. This could cause nerves to fray and confusion on the Metro, anywhere along lower Connecticut Avenue or down by the memorials.

The Washington Post gets straight to the point:
Antiwar demonstrators will take to the streets, breast cancer survivors and their supporters will run or walk on the Mall, and families and community leaders in Anacostia will march to call attention to young victims of violence in the District.

International ANSWER will march on the Kalorama Road residence of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld after a noon rally at the White House. The Race for the Cure will bring out 50,000 runners to city streets to raise breast cancer awareness. And in Anacostia, the community will turn out for a gathering to raise awareness for youth violence.


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