Wednesday, May 19, 2004

THIS MORNING'S NEWS: Later Liquor, a Tragic Mulching Death, And Get to Know Your Local Gangs

The Washington Post reports this morning that the District will allow its 600 liquor stores to apply for licenses from the Alcohol Board of Control to stay open two more hours ... until midnight.

From the Post's Yolanda Woodlee:
Council Chairman Linda W. Cropp (D) introduced an amendment that would give the ABC Board the authority to determine which of the city's 600 stores that sell alcoholic beverages can stay open for the additional two hours.

The council's vote to extend the hours of the stores on a case-by-case basis passed 7 to 6.

Some members argued that asking the ABC Board to decide which stores could stay open past the current 10 p.m. closing time placed an enormous burden on the board.

Up in North Potomac, the Post reports on the gruesome death of a teenager who fell in a landscape mulcher.

Meanwhile, The Washington Times says that Northern Virginia is changing its tactics in dealing with rising gang violence ... by naming the names of the gangs.


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