Monday, November 07, 2005

ODDS 'N ENDS: Jessica Cutler's New Blog

I'M NOT SURE if it is widely known that Jessica Cutler is back blogging again. The former Capitol Hill staffer/Washingtonienne blogger-turned-blog celebrity/author is blogging at about various things, like how U.S. Airways denied passage to her dog Biff and how she shuns flowers as romantic gifts (she'd rather have diamonds).

Ms. Cutler is now seeking out attractive male bloggers for a regular feature profiling sexy men of the world of Web logs:
Is this a joke? Maybe. It depends on the quality/quantity of the submissions I get. So I need your help, dear reader, to make this a regular feature.
And Cutler has her first pick: Jean-Paul Tremblay of Low Culture.

Watch out Jean-Paul.

Read more about Ms. Cutler's new blog and other blog news in today's BlogLog in Express' LookOut section.


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